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In FCE profile interviews, FCE guests are more personal than ever. This week, we present to you Alexandra Foucard, one of New York’s best talentswho is breaking boundaries and gracing both film and theater sets with her performances. In her own very original words, uncut and as direct as ever, Alexandra says it as it is. That’s why we are FatalCut Entertainment. Saying it as it is…

A renaissance actor for the 21st century, Alexandra Foucard is setting her own boundaries. The New York based actor, born in Haiti, considers herself to be amalgamation of cultures and ethnicities with a heaping dollop of spirituality.  Alexandra believes artists not only have an obligation to tell human stories, but a responsibility to extend beyond what’s comfortable to  reach those voices yet to be heard.

Alexandra, a Broadway actress is spreading her wings by venturing into film and episodics.   She wrapped OFFSEASON, a series dramedy set in Cape Cod, Massachusetts now in post-production.  Her character, a general contractor/yoga instructor is suspected of murder.  Alexandra’s also slated to begin filming an independent feature by Leon Raymond Mitchell, Drinking From Satan’s Cup, later this summer.  “Playing a French high crime ring leader in Paris, France is the kind of role I love.” Ms. Foucard beaming as she refers to Satan’s’ Cup, “I’m thankful for the opportunities which take me out of the box.”


She reveals connection to her Spiritual Source is a vital part of her everyday life.  Using Forrest Yoga to keep her grounded and authentic is also one of the ways she’s found to stay focused in bustling New York City.  “One of my favorite spiritual teacher says, ‘Do what you love and love what you do’, I intend to live by those words every day.”


I am involved with a LGBTQIA youth crisis center called “The Church” in New York City. Being a volunteer and raising awareness in our community regarding teenage homelessness has awakened my spirit.  The young people who visit the center range in age from 13 to 21.  The Church may have 90 – 100 kids show up on any given night. 40% of those kids are homeless.  The experience of watching these young people be thankful for a hot meal and a safe place to be for a few hours, something everyone should be  entitled to, has made me realize how much I have to be grateful for.



A few years ago I became really tired of being sick and tired.  That was the day I began the journey of accepting myself for who I am.  No longer conforming to what people’s ideologies or opinions of how my life should be has freed me to connect with my creativity.  I had this epiphany, I don’t fit into a box!  The truth is none of us do, and as soon as I accepted this the proverbial fog lifted.  Now I am committed to do what I love and am open to where that leads me and to those who I meet along my journey.


I’m very excited to be one of the singers for “Binders Full of Women’s Songs” July 26th at 54 Below in New York City.  I am also collaborating with an amazing writer and composer, David Sisco.  We’re creating a play with music incorporating an exceptional artist, mother, and Broadway legend  as one of the characters.  We will be workshopping this project next year.