Mr. Steve McQueen, I Am Your Isabelle!!!

Mr. McQueen!

I love Isabelle! I get her! I know her! Thank you for creating her!

I love being Haitian! I am a 7th generation Haitian who watched my Haitian nanny sacrifice having a family to take care of me from birth to the age of six.  I saw her anguish at being away from her fiancé at the time…thankfully without a gun.  She waited until she felt I was old enough to move to New York to begin her own family which had been put on hold -- Which I barely forgave her for!

Getting to tell Isabelle’s story would be life changing!

It would be a tribute to my nanny, Lucienne, whom I adore! “Mammie Ten” would be so proud!
Isabelle’s struggle is a provocative way of shining the spot light on the true “backbones” of many households throughout the world who are neglected. Lastly, my middle name is Isabelle which was also my grandmother’s name --  Just another sign!

I am your Isabelle!

With kind regards forever your Isabelle,


PS: Cindy Tolan is simply divine.