My First Day in Junior High....

French With A Twist

French With A Twist

The first day of junior high my over-protective mom insisted on driving me to school.  Some kids saw a pale-skinned woman with sleek jet black hair swept up into a bun drop, driving her  white Mercedes, drop me off; They started calling me “Oreo” and “Wanna be”.  My saving grace was Choir and Drama.  There it was okay to be different. “Different” was actually a good thing. 

After graduating from Howard University, I found myself at the Imperial Theater singing "On My Own" in the Broadway Company of Les Miserable.  A few years later, I won a NAACP Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Musical, for the role of Adelaide in Guys and Dolls Broadway National Tour.

I am Alexandra Foucard.  Today, I carry my imagination and creativity into everything I am:  spouse, mother, motivational speaker, writer, singer, actor and vegan.  My experiences continue to enrich my life and have given me great inspiration to share with you.

Professional Bio

Alexandra is a Grammy-nominated, Broadway actor, executive producer, creator of a web series and singer. She is currently in pre-production for Park Slope Moms.  A female-centric series about Brooklyn moms and their wacky social maneuverings.  

She is also currently collaborating with an amazing writer, composer, and performer, David Sisco on a cabaret act, called Comes Love ~Songs from the Heart and Other Places currently being performed in New York, and Provincetown, on tap to play in Paris and London. Haitian-born Foucard infuses French into her music which enhances the eclectic genre. The duo sing putting their spin on songs with mash-ups and original arrangements.

A renaissance actor for the twenty-first century, Alexandra Foucard sets her own boundaries. The New York based artist considers herself to be an amalgamation of cultures and ethnicities with a big dollop of spirituality. Alexandra believes as an artist she has an obligation to be a story-teller for her peers. Foucard believes in empowering fellow artists, especially women.