Alexandra Foucard
Alexandra Foucard
Broadway Actor, Grammy Nominee, NAACP Award Winner, Helen Hayes Nominee


Broadway Actor, Grammy Nominee, NAACP Award Winner, Helen Hayes Nominee


About Me


Alexandra Foucard is a Grammy-nominated, Broadway Actress and Creator, Executive Producer of the upcoming Park Slope Moms;  A female-centric comedy which takes peek at the underbelly of "PC" stay-at-home moms in an affluent Brooklyn neighborhood.  She is a member of NYWIFT, The FilmmakeHers and Filmshop. A renaissance actor of the twenty-first century, Alexandra, believes in setting her own boundaries.  Born in Haiti to French/Spaniard, Dominican/Haitian parents, the New York based actor considers herself a spicy mix of cultures and ethnicities with a big dollop of spirituality.  One of Foucard's passion is empowering Artists, especially women, to create their own work.






 The first day of junior high my over-protective mom insisted on driving me to school.  Some kids saw a pale-skinned woman with sleek jet black hair swept up into a bun drop, driving her  white Mercedes, drop me off; They started calling me “Oreo” and “Wanna be”.  My saving grace was Choir and Drama.  There it was okay to be different. “Different” was actually a good thing. 

After graduating from Howard University, I found myself at the Imperial Theater singing "On My Own" in the Broadway Company of Les Miserable.  A few years later, I won a NAACP Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Musical, for the role of Adelaide in Guys and Dolls Broadway National Tour.

I am Alexandra Foucard.  Today, I carry my imagination and creativity into everything I am:  spouse, mother, motivational speaker, writer, singer, actor and vegan.  My experiences continue to enrich my life and have given me great inspiration to share with you.


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BROADWAY (partial list)
Les Miserables      Fantine/Eponine  DIR. John Caird, Trevor Nunn
House of Flowers Pansy DIR. Kathleen Marshall
Guys and Dolls Adelaide DIR. Charles Randolph-Wright
REGIONAL THEATRE (partial list)
The Importance of Being Earnest Algernon DIR. David Drake
Passing Strange Mother DIR. Susan Grilli
A Raisin in the Sun Beneatha DIR. Susan Grilli
Play On! Vy/Vyman DIR. Sheldon Epps
Tambourines To Glory Laura DIR. Kenny Leon
Othello (Female Cast) Barbanito DIR. Timothy Strickland
Little Shop of Horrors Audrey DIR. Mike Malon
Midsummer’s Night Dream Tatiana DIR. Ellen Davis
Mrs. Meyers Lead DIR. Anika Benkov, Post-Production
The Artist Lead DIR. Claire Dub, Pre-Production
Park Slope Moms Lead DIR. Annetta Marion, Pre-Production
Acting Her Age Lead DIR. Claire Dub, Post-Production
Be Still Supporting DIR. Ange Arabatzis, Post-Production
The Invitation Lead DIR. Rosalyn Coleman
Guess Who I Saw Today Lead DIR. Linda Fiorella
Cock Block Lead DIR. Ben Slatkin
The Debut Lead DIR. Tatianna Kantorowicz
Offseason Lead DIR. Nathan Butera, Currently on Amazon
Selena Scores Lead DIR. Allan Louis
In Retrospect… Lead DIR. Logan Coles
Cold Feet Lead DIR. Brian Williams
Menage A Trois Supporting DIR. Kimberly M. Wetherell
Shooting Script Supporting DIR. Frank Hall Green
On Camera Scene Study Heidi Marshall (current)
On Camera Scene Study Rosalyn Coleman Williams (current)
Voice David Sisco (current)
Voice Bruce Kolb
Method Acting Susan Batson
Cold Reading/Margie Harber Technique Red Wall Productions
B.F.A. Musical Theater & Psychology Howard University
Practices/Talents: Writing, Forrest/Vinyasa Yoga, Pilates, Interior Decorating, Real Estate, Great Fashion Sense, Health/Wholeness, Motivator, Children Whisperer
Dialects: French, Spanish, British, West Indian, Southern, Various Regional Dialects
Languages: French (1st language), Haitian Creole, Conversational Spanish

2019 Acting Reel




Comedy (Unpredictable Mom Driven by Conviction)

Dramedy  (provocative mischief maker )

RomCom (FRENCH Long-Suffering Bachelorette)

Comedy (Trapped Yoga Instructor) 

Drama (Unwavering devoted Upper East Side Mom)

Comedy (Upper East Divorcé Meltdown)

Dramedy  (Unpredictable villain at Work)

Comedy  (Feuding Lovers)


Ally Bank Commercial (Frustrated Customer)


Hear Me Sing


DON'T RAIN ON MY PARADE - French/English



BEFORE SHE CHEATS - Carrie Underwood

HOW COME YOU DON’T CALL ME - Prince Rogers Nelson

IF I AIN’T GOT YOU - Alicia Keys




Park Slope Moms The Series

Creator, Writer & Producer


A Female-Centric Comedy Exploring The Dark Side of Motherhood.  

PSM w:Brownstone.jpg

Creator, Alexandra Foucard has been a Park Slope Mom since 2002.  She has watched the neighborhood expand into “stroller central” and all the kookiness that comes with it — From people weaving around baby strollers while out for morning jogs.  Ritualistic walks taken before and after work with the obligatory dog making frequent stops for kiddy petting.  Weekend trips to the organic Farmer's Market after yoga classes.  Yes, Alexandra has taken part in all of it.  She's even become a vegan!

The idea for Park Slope Moms came when Alexandra took an acting class where she was assigned to create a new character and write a monologue every week. Serendipitously, a zany encounter with a mom on her way to class she gave birth to Carlotta (Carley) Fuller-Fowler.  She enlisted the help of screenwriters Linda Fiorella and Anika Benkov - And together they began to weave Carley’s world in Park Slope.


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